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Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Restoration

The Clinchfield No. 1, a 4-6-0-style locomotive, was built in Indiana in 1882 and had a storied history long before it was famously restored in 1968. After rusting away for 13 years in the Clinchfield rail yard, the locomotive was rebuilt from the boiler up and quickly became a legend throughout the South. Commemorating 50 years since restoration, original train artwork has been produced to preserve the memory of this special steam engine.  


Simon Winegar, Artist

While widely acclaimed as a landscape painter, Winegar doesn’t limit himself. His love of historic trains has led him to the Clinchfield. “There are so many things that are interesting about trains from an artistic standpoint. But the story that is embodied in the history of the Clinchfield No.1 and the people who labored on this engine makes this painting very special."   


Limited Commemorative Collections

A family with deep roots in the history of the Clinchfield has taken the initiative to commission this art and is offering a limited edition framed print, classic imaged note cards, and releasing two fabulous picture-packed books to commemorate the anniversary.  Proceeds from the sale will be shared with the Clinchfield RR Museum in Erwin, Tennessee, in honor and memory of the Clinchfield RR families.

Celebrate the Holidays with special gifts! And support the Clinchfield Railroad Museum!

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Keeping the Memory Alive

As members of the Clinchfield RR family, we encourage you to visit and contribute to the Clinchfield Railroad Museum in Erwin, Tennessee. For more information on the museum, operating hours and location, check out:

  The Clinchfield No. 1 is now on display in the great Roundhouse at the 

B & O Railway Museum in Baltimore, Maryland.

Clinchfield No. 1